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My name is Justin McSweeney and I am a game and software developer originally from Colorado, now in Washington State. I am credited on 10 shipped titles for roles including game design, QA, and game production. In my free time I like to code my own games and build arcade-style game cabinets.

Scatterbrains is on

The fourth update is out now to fix another bug AND adds a mysterious benefactor to help your quest. Download and play the game on Windows for free from

What is Scatterbrains?

You can play Scatterbrains on your Windows PC. You control a robot using punch cards to move around a game board and perform actions like, erm, punching things. Beware the board has been invaded by a horde of dangerous enemies hungry for your CPU.


Half Tabletop

Looks and plays like a board game, but no mess to clean up afterward. You and an AI opponent take turns using cards to control game pieces on the board. Customize your deck between missions.


Half Arcade

Get to the top in 10 minutes or less. Race against the clock, and set your personal best speed run time. Character progress is saved as you unlock new abilities (cards).


Free to Play

Free to download and play on Windows PC.

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Earlier works

Below you'll find some screen captures of earlier Scatterbrains versions and other projects.